The management of tourist accommodation in Malaga is a sector that has taken off in recent years. In fact, there are already training courses for young people to specialise in this type of business. In Malaga we have professionals with years of experience in whom you can trust to delegate the rental of your property on the Costa del Sol.

Holiday rentals in Malaga

More than two years ago the onset of the pandemic and confinement made the tourism and tourist housing sector in Malaga one of the worst affected.

Many wondered what to do with holiday rental properties, for many the most obvious answer was to return to traditional rentals in the face of an uncertain future.

But what has happened to these properties now that the pandemic has subsided?

According to several studies, the return of holiday rentals in Malaga after the pandemic is booming again. Six out of every ten flats that returned to traditional renting at the beginning of the pandemic have returned to the holiday sector.

Almost two years after the interruption of the pandemic, 62% have returned to holiday rentals on the Costa del Sol, while 20% plan to return and 18% will continue in traditional rentals indefinitely. There is no doubt that holiday rentals have once again demonstrated that this is a consolidated and booming sector.

Malaga is one of the most visited tourist destinations, both by Spaniards and foreigners. As for holiday rentals in Malaga, there is no doubt that it continues to be a safe bet for tourism after the pandemic.

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Holiday accommodation rental agency

The management of holiday flats on the Costa del Sol requires a lot of preparation. There are many details to take into account and a personalised service is extremely important along with organisation and time availability.

In many cases, the management of holiday homes requires a lot of time and this is precisely the biggest problem for tenants. That is why it is important to have professionals in the management of holiday homes in Malaga.

Leaving the integral management of your holiday home in the hands of professionals is the best option to feel relaxed and confident.

We all know that having a holiday flat on the Costa del Sol can be, without a doubt, a good investment. However, for it to be attractive it is necessary to offer all the necessary services so that the client is completely satisfied and to be able to provide a quality service.

MAR Management helps you in the management of tourist rentals

If you have an unoccupied house, flat or flat and you are thinking of converting it into a holiday home, companies like MAR Management help you to make the most of it to make it as profitable as possible.

As a management company of tourist flats in Malaga, they seek to make your holiday home profitable throughout the year, especially during the tourist season.

MAR Management offers a comprehensive and fully personalised management service for holiday homes in Malaga. If you are looking for a holiday rental management agency in Malaga, MAR Management is one of the best options. It is one of the best rated companies to provide complete services to individuals and investors who want to make their property on the Costa del Sol profitable.

Its complete management service for holiday flats on the Costa del Sol includes:

  • Market research and competition to position your property on the best platforms worldwide.
  • Complete professional and personalised management of your tourist property in Malaga.
  • Decoration and cleaning services for your tourist flat in Malaga.
  • 24 hours a day guest service.
  • Check in and check out services in Malaga.

Don’t hesitate any longer, and start benefiting from our professional 24 hour tourist accommodation management services on the Costa del Sol at an affordable price.